Who are we?

Who are we?

Alhamratour is a spanish travel agency based in Granada which specializes in revealing the most special tourist areas of our Andalusian heritage in Spain, Morocco and the Mediterranean.

Our company philosophy is to offer a wide range of tourist destinations, where tourists will always be accompanied by our guides and traveling companions, taking care to provide a fully service to our customers.

We only offer destinations to cities where we have been before, and where we are perfectly familiar with all areas , this assures a high quality guide service, from the first moment that tourists arrive to the time they leave.

What we do?

We specialize in tailor-made tours, honeymoons, family getaways, group travel, and specific tours for anyone interested in a unique, hand-crafted getaway to a selection of 8 countries.

We take care in planning vacations of a lifetime! Travel with us, travel the right way!

Our clients who desire special food regime, like vegeterian, salt free diet or Halal, need only to mention it to our tour director, it is a pleasure for us to satisfy any special request.

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History of travel Agency

All started when our clients that once travelled with us in Spain, visiting the Alhambra and Andalucia, asked us if we could organise an escorted tour around France, then another family asked for an Austrian tour.

This is what motivated Alhamratour to extend the destinations to seven countries. We invite you to do the same: why use a booking engine when you can have your vacation tailor-made to suit your needs?

Forty years of experience providing responsible tourism.

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