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Engelberg Tourist Attractions in Swizerland

The little town of Engelberg with its abbey, in a sunny basin under the north face of Titlis, is a popular winter and summer resort lying well away from the main traffic routes. Since 1815 it has been an enclave of the half-canton of Obwalden. It is a region of varied scenery; good walking country with hills and lakes, and with a number of cableways providing easy access to the mountains.The Benedictine abbey was founded in 1120, and its abbot held independent sway over the territory. In 1798 the town was released from ecclesiastical authority and became part of the canton of Obwalden.

Benedictine Abbey

At the upper end of Engelberg is the Benedictine abbey, founded about 1120, which ruled the whole valley until 1798. The handsome church, designed by Kaspar Moosburger, and the square complex of conventual buildings were rebuilt in 1730-37 after a fire. 
Rich library (men only admitted), with valuable manuscripts, incunabula and miniatures.Also of interest in Engelberg are the adjoining charnel-house and below the village the chapels St Jakob in Espen (17th C.) and Maria im Horbis (17th C.) at the so-called "end of the world". To the south, on the left bank of the Aawasser, are beautiful gardens surrounded by forest.

Recreation and Sport

Recreation and sports opportunities in Engelberg include: swimming (indoor and open-air pools), walking (walkers' railcards for mountain railroads and cableways), riding, tennis, summer skiing (ski-lift at upper station of Titlisbahn, 3,020 m/9,909ft). Skating rinks, curling rink, toboggan run from the Gershnialp (3.5km/2mi), hobby courses.


In the center of the country, Engelberg can get crowded on weekends but during the week it's a great place for a group of skiers of varying ability. 
Beginners find the slopes of the Gershnialp and Untertruebsee a gentle challenge while 10,000-foot Mount Titlis, with its spectacular views, is for the advanced skier. 
The town itself is small and historic with its onion-domed Benedictine Abbey and baroque church giving the resort a quiet charm.

Mountain Railroads (Cableways)

Terminus of narrow-gauge railroad from Lucerne via Stans (one hour); cableways Engelberg-Gerschnialp (length 528 m/1,733ft, height difference 264 m/868ft, time four minutes); Engelberg-Trübsee (length 2,195 m/7,204ft, height difference 531 m/1,742ft, time six minutes); Trübsee-Stand-Kleintitlis (length 3,465 m/11,369ft, height difference 1,220 m/4,003ft, time 14 minutes); Trübsee-Joch pass (length 1,459 m/4,787ft, height difference 439 m/1,440ft, time 13minutes); Engstlensee-Joch pass (length 1,631 m/5,351ft, height difference 273 m/896ft, time 10 minutes); Rindertitlis-Laubersgrat (length 1,183 m/3,883ft, height difference 385 m/1,264ft, time eight minutes); Engelberg-Brunni (length 1,193 m/3,914ft, height difference 582 m/1,910ft, time six minutes).


Climbs from Engelberg include: Titlis (3,239 m/10,627ft), usually starting either from the Trübsee Hotel or from Kleintitlis; Hutstock (2,680 m/8,793ft: six hours; wild goats); Schlossberg (3,155 m/10,351ft: eight hours); Engelberger Rotstock (2,820 m/9,252ft: six hours, with guide);


Urirotstock is one of the best climbs from Engelberg, (2932 m/9620ft: eight-nine hours, with guide).

Benedictine Way

The first stage of the Benedictine Way is from Engelberg village center via Brunni/Ristis (1,600 m/5,251ft), Alp Stafel (1,694 m/5,560ft) and Walenalp to Wolfenschiessen (guest houses). It continues by cableway to Haldiwald (1,400 m/4,595ft) or by cabin cableway to Schmidsboden (1,215 m/3,988ft) climbing down the Underrist-Hütti to Dallenwil (inn).


View from TitlisView from Titlis


Titlis (3,239 m/10,627ft), covered by eternal snow and ice, is the highest viewpoint in central Switzerland, offering a unique panorama of the Alps (ice cave, glacier trail). Restaurants on Titlis and in Stand (2,450 m/8,038ft). Cableway Engelberg-Titlis (45 minutes).
Address: Poststrasse 3, CH-6390 Engelberg, Switzerland

Stand - Solar Power Station

The highest experimental solar power station at Stand came into operation in 1988 with energy being produced by a bank of solar panels. With a nominal output at present of 2.3 kW, an annual output of between 3,000 and 3,500 kWh is expected.


From Engelberg there is a funicular to the Gerschnialp (1,266 m/4,154ft), and from there a cableway by way of the steep Pfaffenwand to the Trübsee Hotel (1,792 m/5,880ft); descent in two hours via the Trübseealp.


From Trübsee by chair lift (or on foot in 1.25 hours) to the Joch pass (2,215 m/7,267ft: ski hut), and from there a bridle-path (one hour) to the Engslensee (1,852 m/6,076ft), in a magnificent mountain setting, and on to the Engstlenalp (1,839 m/6,034ft), one of the finest areas of Alpine pasture in the country (rich flora, superb views) and the Melchsee.

Area Walks

Rewarding walks in the surrounding area of Engelberg can be taken to the Bergli (1,341 m/4,400ft); to the Surenenalp and Tätschbach Falls (1,090 m/3,576ft: restaurant); and by the Herrenrüti grazings to the Nieder-Surenenalp (1,260 m/4,134ft: restaurant) and the Arnialp.

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