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The Tower of the Captive in the Alhambra of Granada

The Tower of the Captive (Torre de la Cautiva) is located on the path along the ramparts in the Alhambra of Granada. During the 16th century it was called Tower of the Woman Thief (Torre de la Ladrona) and Tower of the Sultana (Torre de la Sultana).

The name of the tower was changed to Tower of the Captive because it was thought that Lady Isabel de Solís lived there. She converted to the Islam with the name of Zoraya and was Muley Hacén's favourite wife.

 It is possible to access the ground floor through a passageway that leads to a patio with galleries open by festooned arches on three of its sides, with imposts of mocarabes. This patio is connected to a square hall through a double arch of mocarabes.

This hall's coffered ceiling dates from the 19th century and the dressing rooms have balconies to the exterior. The inscriptions on the wall show its defensive importance for the whole complex and its character of beautiful palace-tower.

The Tower of the Captive (Torre de la Cautiva)  because of the conservation and the special nature, are normally closed to the public visit but during the month of February of 2015

Timetable: from 8:30 to 18:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday
Access: with the general ticket of the Alhambra
Capacity: maximum 30 people

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