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The Banuelo baths, the old arab baths in Granada

Walking along the street you can easily miss the door of these impressive and well-preserved Arab baths, the Banuelo, also known as Aammim Alyawza (Banos del Nogal).
The Banuelo baths are located at the bottom of a private house in the Carrera del Darro, at the foot of the Alhambra, and show how skilled the Spanish Arabs were a thousand years ago.

The Banuelo of Granada is one of the few such establishments that were saved from destruction by

the Catholic Monarchs, as among the Christians they had a reputation comparable to that of brothels.

These Arab baths have survived because of the building on top of it of a private home, commenced almost from the day of the Spanish occupation of the city.

 In 1918, The Banuelo was declared a National Monument and was restored by the architect Balbas. Surprises to be found in The Banuelo are their large size and good level of conservation. Beautiful porticos are based on the Arab style.

Construction of The Banuelo seems to date from the Eleventh Century. The baths are undoubtedly the oldest and best-preserved Arab baths in Spain, and the oldest work of Muslim Granada.

You can access The Banuelo through a small house, renovated in the Christian era. Its rooms are rectangular and it has various chambers with brick arches, with a star-like window in the roof for allowing in light.

The entrance to the Banuelo is free

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