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Travel the halal way.... and discover the ALCÁNTARA القنطرة BRIDGE (Toledo)

The word Alcántara comes from Arabic القنطرة (al-qanţarah), which means "bridge". 

The Alcantara Bridge was part of the defensive enclosure of the city of Toledo. Of Roman origin, around the year 788, is constructed as confluence of roads seeking passage to the city from the east, across the Tajo River. 

It was rebuilt under the leadership of Almanzor and, according to its inscription, was completed in 997 by Alef, his son, governor/alcaide of Toledo

From that time only retains the spur opposite side of the city, made of masonry. It still has decorative marbles Visigoths.

Later it was restored several times, one of them, the most important by Alfonso X, who built the Moorish tower of the western end and was later modified by the Catholic Monarchs in 1484. In the west side, the bridge has a fortified gate with battlements at its base and crown, consisting of a semicircular arch which included another horseshoe arch, and decorated with the statue of San Ildefonso and the shield of the Kings Catholics.

On the east side retains the Alcantara door (Bab al Yayl, means Horse's Gate), of Arab origin, built in the tenth century with significant christians interventions.

The bridge rests on two arches, the largest center, under which flows the River Tajo.

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